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Legendary Musicians

Two of my favourite performers (The Muppets do Queen):


Re-inventing the wheel

Tall bikeWhen I was a student a group of us would go to the local auction house and look for bargains. At the very least it was entertaining to see what some people would sell and what others would buy.

After a while we started buying old bikes that were beyond their best. We'd then combine parts from the various metal carcasses to produce a functioning bike. If I'd applied myself to my studies with the same enthusiasm my grades would have been a lot higher.

Here are some reminders of those fun times:

The bicycle forest

Crazy home made bike mods

A gallery on flickr of users homemade bikes

So, before you consign that old bike to the rust heap try giving it a new lease of life by transplanting some new 'organs'. You may be surprised how much fun and how satisfying it can be.


Savvy homemade

Homemade wreaths at Savvy homemadeThere is something quite satisfying about making something yourself and then consuming it, using it or letting it perform whatever function it was designed to perform.

If you're not a regular DIYer then sometimes it can be difficult knowing where to start with your first homemade project.

Here's a site where, not only can you get great ideas about where to begin and what to make, you can also join the community and give and receive ideas and encouragement.

Savvy homemade

Happy homemaking.


Natural Gifts from New Zealand

Natural NZ giftsWe at homemade.co.nz are proudly kiwi so when we come across some quality goods that reflect what it is to be kiwi we like to let you know about them.

Take a look at the NZ Natural Gifts Company site for a range of goods that will remind you of New Zealand.

It's like a taste of home :-)


  • Testing Mad Mimi RSS feed to email

    I'm more familiar with mailchimp but a friend is using MadMimi so I'm testing a way to create blog posts then send those posts as a newsletter to her list of subscribers.

    What should happen is this article should get emailed to my list.


    By Jove it worked!!